Anti Wrinkle (Botox)

We are Harley Street Trained and have completed advanced courses which allow us to provide you with a comprehensive range of treatments.

You will undergo a free consultation where we analyse your face and understand what you would like to enhance. From there we will prescribe the anti wrinkle medicine (Botox) and schedule your treatment(s). All this happens in house and you will have 1 point of contact, this is particularly important because medicated treatments have to be prescribed by a qualified prescriber and should therefore be administered by the same person.

Healing Power

Anti wrinkle (Botox) treatments are not just for cosmetic enhancements, in fact it was first used for its ability to heal patients that suffered from Migraine or Sweating.

Due to our advance training and medical status, we are able to treat patients who suffer from headaches and/or migraines. We are also able to help patients who suffer from profuse sweating or simply reduce the amount of underarm sweat that you produce, this is particularly popular with executive clients with stressful work schedules or clients who are public facing.

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