We are Harley Street Trained to advanced level and provide natural filler treatments.

Lips are the most popular area or treatment and our style is for you to look natural. It is important to understand that filler should be administered by a medical professional. In the unlikely event whereby you require your filler to be desolved, a medicated/prescribed drug will need to be obtained and used. Non medical personnel are not allowed by law to obtain this drug themselves. The point being, you should do your homework before getting treated!

Cheek & Nasal Filler

Filler is not just about lips, we can sculpt your face depending on the look that you are after.

Cheeks: We can pickup your check bones and give you more definition, we start with at least 1ml but will talk you through that during your free consultation.

Nose: Client are very pleased with the amazing results we give them which includes Straightening, thinning or evening out your nose.

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